The Standard of the Promise

A Jones
10 min readApr 28, 2021

What has God promised you? This is not a rhetorical question. I truly wonder? What has the process of this promised been like for you?

In this phase of my life, God has promised me some big things, soo far out of the realm of what I think is possible that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around. Some promises simply require you to believe and receive but others require you to level up and live at a new standard. It’s more than just a change of behavior but a seismic shift that changes the way you operate on every level. These promises require a more extensive process. We all love the idea of the big promises but check your Bible, every big promise came with a process that was no walk in the park. So my question is, you want the promise, but can you live at the standard of the promise? Because simply meeting it isn’t enough, it’s not an Airbnb it’s your permanent residence.

Christianity 101 teaches us that to get the promise we must receiving, but the details on how to receive sometimes get a little gray. So here is what I’ve learned.

What I See Clearly

The process is about seeing Him, seeing you, and seeing them clearly. That is the point of the process and the purpose of the promise. Without an adjustment in each area, the standard of the promise can’t be maintained.

Let me explain.

Defining the Standard

First, our goal is to live at the standard of the promise so let me define that. Every promise that God gives us must be sustained and maintained. Now it is on God to sustain it- He causes things to come together to make it possible for us to have the promise, but maintenance is our part. It is my responsibility to take full advantage of the opportunity and create an environment that the promise can thrive in. It’s on me to protect it, nurture it, and ensure its purpose is achieved. That’s how the promise partnership works. But many of our promise experiences are like mine, you are given the promise of children at a time when you can’t even keep a plant alive or given the dream of running your own business when you’re at a job that you hate (this last one isn’t mine just in case my employers are reading this. I love my job!). Sometimes getting to the standard of the promise is a process. We have to…

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